The Toyota Highlander is Safer than Ever Before

Highlander owners appreciate their mid-sized SUVs for the space they offer while not being overly large. Now the 2019 models found in our Toyota showroom boast newer safety features. Toyota remains devoted to the safety of Highlander owners and their families.

If you accidentally veer into the wrong lane, you get an audio/visual alert. The steering assist technology might also temporarily make the correction for you. The dynamic cruise control technology continually monitors the distance between you and other vehicles. If the space decreases, the vehicle automatically slows to keep you safer.

A detection system also monitors the front of the vehicle for potential obstacles and also alerts the driver. In the event of a potential collision, the brakes apply added force to stop before disaster strikes. Explore all of the new features of the Toyota Highlander by visiting us at Kokomo Toyota. Take the family for a test drive.



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