An SUV For Kokomo Families: Toyota Highlander

If you're looking for an SUV to add to your family of vehicles, then consider the benefits that are offered by the Toyota Highlander. The family-friendly vehicle offers the space that an SUV provides without the large size. It also delivers exceptional fuel efficiency for an SUV because of the small engine.

One detail that you'll notice when you look at the Highlander at Kokomo Toyota is that it has a third-row seat. This means that you can transport several people with ease and ensure that everyone is comfortable due to the padded seats. There is a significant amount of head and shoulder space for each passenger so that no one is on top of another person on long car rides.

When you're in the Highlander, you won't notice a lot of noise from the outside elements as the vehicle is protected from most sounds. The Highlander is a calm vehicle that enables you to enjoy being on the road while talking to your passengers or listening to music.

Several safety features are standard in the Highlander, including the Safety Sense bundle. These are an array of alerts that range from lane departure to a collision warning. Toyota also offers adaptive cruise control, a rearview camera, and automatic high beams using LED lights so that you can clearly see the road in front of you at night when you're traveling in Kokomo, IN.

If you desire more power when you're driving, then you can get a V6 engine option with the Highlander that you purchase. You'll have 295 horsepower behind the wheel and all-wheel-drive that allows for better navigation over a variety of road conditions. Even with the V6 option, you're still going to get about 22 mpg, whether you're traveling on the highway or city streets. The acceleration from the Highlander is also exceptional as it only takes a few seconds to reach desired speeds from a stopped position.

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