Benefits of the Toyota Camry

After viewing the Toyota Camry, you'll discover why it's a vehicle that you might want to purchase. The sedan is one that has plenty of space for passengers and comfortable seats for even the longest of car rides. This is a practical vehicle that is exceptional when it comes to fuel efficiency and affordability.


The styling of the Camry is sleek and modern with smooth lines on the sides and quad tips for the exhaust that makes the Camry look like a sports sedan instead of a family vehicle. Several paint colors are available, including black, white, and red. Padded seats keep you and your passengers comfortable.

Technology & Safety

Apple CarPlay is a standard feature in the Camry. This technology feature allows you to connect your mobile device to the navigation screen and view the details there instead of holding your mobile device when you're driving. Amazon Alexa is another feature that is standard and that allows you to speak commands instead of pressing buttons.

Various safety options include lane departure alerts and smart cruise control that adapts to your driving habits and the conditions of the road.


When you begin your search for a new car, you can learn about the reliability of the Toyota Camry from Kokomo Toyota before taking a car for a test drive. With regular maintenance and service, your Camry could last for thousands of miles before you trade in your vehicle or sell it for something different.


Even though there is a four-cylinder engine under the hood of the Camry, you're still going to have 203 horsepower to get up and down hills and around curves. The smaller engine does deliver excellent fuel efficiency in the Camry, which means saving money while traveling around Kokomo. There is also a V6 engine option if you're looking for more speed and power while you're driving.

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