The Toyota Certified Pre Owned vehicle program is a special system that allows drivers anywhere to locate and purchase a wide variety of vehicles at the click of a button. This program provides purchasers with many benefits including its proprietary 160-point vehicle inspection service. This soup to nuts inspection service checks many parts of the vehicle that include the suspension, engine compartment, and even hybrid vehicle components.

The Toyota Certified used vehicle brake system check includes thorough inspections of common brake system components. These components often include shoes, calipers, lines, and even rotors. The vehicle engine system check leaves no stone unturned. Certified service personnel carefully check fuel systems, oil systems, electrical systems, and even your hoses.

Many individuals prefer green vehicles, and the Toyota Certified Pre-Owned inspection program covers many hybrid vehicle components. Common and critical systems checked include electric motor assisted power steering systems, anti-lock braking systems, and hybrid vehicle electronic control units.



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