There are a lot of minivans to choose from in today's marketplace. However, there is only one Toyota Sienna, and it is available right now at Kokomo Toyota near Frankfort, IN. This minivan combines powerful performance, important safety features and a roomy interior to provide you with the driving experience that you are looking for.


The Toyota Sienna has a lot of power for a minivan. With this vehicle, you get a V6 engine that delivers an impressive 296 horsepower. At the same time, the engine operates efficiently enough that the vehicle averages 27 mpg in highway driving.

When you are transporting your friends and family, you need a vehicle that provides excellent traction in bad weather. With the Sienna, you have the option of all-wheel drive.


It's all about room inside this minivan. The Sienna can seat up to seven or eight people depending on the seating configuration chosen. There is more than enough space for cargo. With all the seats in place, there are 39.1 cubic feet of the cargo area. This expands to 87.1 cubic feet with the third row down. With both back rows down, the Toyota Sienna has a cargo area of 150 cubic feet.

Comfort is also important in the interior. Tri-zone climate control allows passengers in all sections of the minivan to feel comfortable. Heated seats in the front fight back the chill on cold mornings.


Minivans need to be safe vehicles, and this minivan is loaded with safety features. One great feature is the lane departure warning. If the vehicle begins to drift out of the lane, you are warned. The Sienna will also prompt you to move back between the lane markings. Some other nice safety features include auto high-beams, forward collision mitigation, and adaptive cruise control.

The new Toyota Sienna is available in the Frankfort, IN area. Come pick out the one that is not for your family today.

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