How Does the Toyota RAV4 Compare to the Jeep Renegade?

Buyers in Marion, IN have a lot of choices when it comes to SUVs, and two of the most popular on the market are the Toyota RAV4 and the Jeep Renegade. Both vehicles are highly respected in their category. They both offer unique strengths that can be useful to a driver. Looking at the key differences between the two SUVs can help drivers better understand what makes them special, which will help you choose between them.

Compare the Toyota RAV4 and the Jeep Renegade

The RAV4 comes with an eight-speed automatic and All Wheel Drive. The Jeep Renegade has a nine-speed automatic with Four Wheel Drive. All Wheel Drive means that the vehicle engages all four wheels at all times, whereas four-wheel-drive indicates that a car can use both two-wheel and four-wheel-drive when needed.

Both the Toyota RAV4 and the Jeep Renegade offer a four-cylinder engine. The Toyota RAV4 has a larger fuel tank, providing a 14.5-gallon tank compared to the Jeep Renegade's 12.7-gallon tank. The RAV4 also offers a better fuel economy with 25 mpg city and 33 mpg highway compared to the Renegade's 23 mpg and 29 mpg for city and highway.

The Toyota RAV4 can carry more cargo with its 37.6 cubic feet of space compared to the Jeep Renegades 18.5 cubic feet. However, the Renegade can hold more payload weight with 1263 pounds compared to the RAV4 holding 1090 pounds. In terms of towing, the RAV4 can pull 3,500 pounds to the Renegade's 2,000 pounds.

See the Toyota RAV4 at Kokomo Toyota

Both SUVs have their own unique strengths and styles. Depending on what activities the driver wants to enjoy, either one could be useful. At Kokomo Toyota, we can help you decided what SUV will best fit your unique lifestyle. So come meet our friendly staff near Marion, IN, and we can show you the difference between the Rav4 and the Jeep Renegade in person.

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