2016 Toyota Tacoma vs Chevy Colorado

Just when it looked as though the midsize pickup truck was fading into obscurity, some of the world's leading automotive brands stepped to the plate to reinvent and revitalize their light-duty pickups. In a world where fuel-economy is an increasingly desirable trait for consumers, the midsize pickup truck has newfound relevance. With new and redesigned models like the Toyota Tacoma and Chevy Colorado, drivers not only have more options, but also better ones.

With the Tacoma and Colorado both undergoing redesigns in the past year, we'll put the 2016 Toyota Tacoma vs Chevy Colorado in a side-by-side-comparison to highlight some of the key differences between the two.

Under the hood, the Tacoma carries over the 2.7-liter four-cylinder base engine from the previous generation, but with more high-strength steel and a retuned suspension, we could efficiency ratings increase from the 25 mpg highway from the 2015 model. While the base engine carries, over, the new Atkinson cycle 3.5-liter V-6 is where drivers will truly benefit.

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2016 Toyota Tacoma VS 2015 Chevy Colorado
Atkinson-Cycle 3.5L V-6 V-6 Engine Option 3.6L V-6
Standard GoPro Windshield Mount N/A
TRD Off-Road Off-Road Model ZR2 Off-Road
Yes Available Wireless Charging No

Deciding between the 2016 Toyota Tacoma and 2015 Chevy Colorado

While the base engine carries over, the most significant performance benefits the Toyota Tacoma has over the Chevy Colorado come with an upgrade to the V-6 engine. The Toyota Tacoma features a segment-exclusive Atkinson cycle 3.5-liter V-6 engine with optimized direct injection to increase both fuel-efficiency and power output. The Atkinson power cycle functions similar to that of a hybrid, making the Tacoma one of the leaders when it comes to available power without sacrificing mpgs. While the Chevy Colorado does feature a 3.6-liter V-6 option, the Tacoma is widely expected to deliver more horsepower and superior fuel efficiency.

The Tacoma also remains the top choice for drivers seeking off-road capabilities, with TRD Sport and TRD Off-Road trims providing an unparalleled experience for truck owners that are frequently driving off the beaten path.

With a release date scheduled in the fall of 2015, you can be one of the first to drive the 2016 Toyota Tacoma when it arrives in central Indiana. Schedule a test drive online or give us a call so you can start your own midsize pickup truck comparison with a behind-the-wheel experience.

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2016 Toyota Tacoma vs Chevy Colorado Interior

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