Toyota has a robust, affordable, and fuel-friendly lineup of hybrid vehicles!


Toyota was the brand that brought the hybrid powertrain to the mass market when they started selling the Toyota Prius. It's been more than 15 years and since then they've built more hybrid models and variants to satisfy drivers from Peru IN and beyond who want to conserve fuel and/or take the environment into consideration when commuting to and from work.


At our dealership we carry many of these alternative options, and once you come in from Frankfort IN you'll see how great they are and how easy they are to maintain.


The Toyota Prius Family


The Prius is considered the "OG" hybrid model, and there are a few different versions you can get. The original is a five-passenger model, and while its looks have changed over the years it still isn't afraid to look a bit out there and futuristic. For young professionals who also want a taste of hybrid driving, there's the affordable Toyota Prius c. The compact version is a nimble vehicle and offers up impressive fuel ratings.


The other Prius model is the Toyota Prius Prime. This version is a little different, as it's a plug-in hybrid vehicle. This means you can have an all-electric range, but once that power is depleted the engine will automatically kick over into the hybrid mode. This option gives drivers a taste of fully-electric technology that's paired with a backup.


Hybrid Toyota Variants


Toyota knows that some drivers who want a hybrid model would prefer to drive something that looks more contemporary or is larger. That's why they've taken some of their top-selling models and given them hybrid power trains.


For sedans there's the Toyota Corolla Hybrid, the Toyota Camry Hybrid, and the Toyota Avalon Hybrid. You'll get most of the same amenities you'd find on the gasoline versions and the enhanced fuel ratings.


The Toyota Corolla Hybrid is brand-new for the 2019 model year, and we love that it provides young professionals with another affordable hybrid option. The midsize Toyota Camry Hybrid has the same sporty-looking appeal as its gasoline counterpart, and the same goes for the full-size Toyota Avalon Hybrid.


No matter which one you go with, you're sure to look good as you fly by Lafayette IN gas station after gas station!


There are two options if you want a larger hybrid. The first is the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. For many years it has gotten nods for its smooth handling, and with the most recent 2019 redesign you'll get more stylish looks and premium amenities. If five-passenger seating won't do the trick as you do errands around Marion IN, there's the Toyota Highlander Hybrid. This option is perfect for families who travel a lot and want to save on fuel. And just like the gasoline version, the Highlander Hybrid has a very high resale value, and that is going to be in your favor if you choose to sell or trade-in your Highlander to get the newest version or downsize when the time comes.


Hybrid Ownership


Shoppers who come into our Kokomo IN dealership to test drive a hybrid regularly voice their concerns about upkeep. We're here to assure that maintaining a hybrid Toyota isn't going to be a headache nor expensive. These vehicles have upstanding quality, plus Toyota is known for its solid engineering that can stand the test of time.


Caring for a Prius Prime plug-in hybrid doesn't have to be cumbersome either. You can charge it at home with a standard household plug - no extra installations are needed - and you can bring it to public charging stations. These are typically by grocery stores and malls, meaning you can "juice up" your vehicle while taking care of your to do list!


If you're ready to cut down on the number of times you visit the gas station a month, come to our dealership to shop our great selection of new Toyota hybrid models.


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